USW supports Coed Caerdydd to plant trees at Cardiff Campus

Coed Caerdydd tree planting 1

Students and staff at the University of South Wales have helped plant trees at its Cardiff Campus, contributing to increased biodiversity in the city.

The group of volunteers supported Coed Caerdydd – a 10-year programme to increase the number of trees in Cardiff – to plant birch trees on grass areas behind the city centre campus building.

Coed Caerdydd tree planting 5Coed Caerdydd aims to support the city of Cardiff’s One Planet climate change strategy, by protecting current trees against climate impact and diseases, planting new trees in the right places for nature and communities, and provide opportunities for everyone to help make Cardiff a greener, healthier place to live.

The project trains and works with communities to raise awareness of the importance of trees and increase coverage across the city, from 19% to 25% by 2030.

Neil Bradley, Sustainability and Energy Manager at USW, said: “One of the objectives in our new Biodiversity Action Plan is to increase the population and diversity of native trees on USW campuses.

"By working in partnership with Coed Caerdydd, we have been able to help increase the city’s canopy and improve the environment at our Cardiff campus at the same time.

“It has been a great experience to involve our students and staff in this exciting initiative, which will also contribute to the University’s target of becoming Carbon Neutral by 2040.”

Chris Engel, Project Manager at Coed Caerdydd, added: “We want to make sure that the trees we plant survive into the future so that their impact is sustained and we want to see tree planting taking place in every part of the city throughout the next decade. Tree diseases are spreading and part of the Coed Caerdydd programme will include making sure that we plant a range of tree varieties to reduce the impact of any future losses.

“Planting trees has so many benefits – as well as improving the environment and the biodiversity value of the local area, they are vital to the health of our people and our planet. Today we have planted birch trees, which are a native species to the UK and are a robust, elegant tree; their leaf litter is light and they provide welcome shade during the summer.”

Coed Caerdydd tree planting 2