Subject Highlights

Accounting and Finance

Accounting students

Courses included in this session are Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Management and Forensic Accounting.

Hear from our expert accountants who will provide you with an insight into our degrees and what it takes to establish a successful career in accounting and finance. 

You'll learn about the opportunities available during your studies and how you can boost your future career prospects in a rewarding profession.  

Take part in an interactive session using a variety of online resources to answer questions and discover the world of capital markets.  

You will also look at the  success story of Admiral group, Wales’ only FTSE 100 company, an example of success in the capital markets.

Aerospace Engineering

Engineering Facilities: Aerospace

Courses included in this session are Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Systems and Management

Learn about how aeronautical engineers are involved in every aspect of air vehicles; from design, development, manufacture, flightesting and certification, to preserving airworthiness and sustainable aircraft operations. You will also explore our impressive Aerospace Centre, which includes a sub-sonic wind tunnel and a full-motion flight simulator right here on campus. 


Art Open Day

Courses in this session include Creative and Therapeutic Arts.

If you're passionate about expressive arts and believe in the potential for creative practices to improve wellbeing, the Creative and Therapeutic Arts degree provides the opportunity to develop your future practice in community and educational settings. 

This is the only course of its kind in Wales, focusing on students' personal growth as an artist as well as benefitting the wider community.

Business and Management

Aimee Davies - Business

Courses included in this session are Business and Management, Accounting and Management, Human Resource Management, Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management and Marketing Management.

We will highlight how our unique portfolio prepares students for the future through integrated work-based and experiential learning. 

Learn how we ensure graduates from the South Wales Business School are aspirational, innovative, creative and globally focused leaders of the future, through professionally accredited provision and outstanding student support and development opportunities.


Chiropractic photoshoot_31758.jpg

Chiropractic is more than painful backs and stiff necks.

Chiropractors are primary healthcare professionals who specialise in bones, joints, muscles and soft tissue. 

Visit the rehabilitation gym and sample some of the exercise regimes designed to aid recovery, stability and function in the spinal pain patient. 

You can test your knowledge of bones in our radiology lab, plus you can watch students demonstrate their diagnostic examination skills and have your muscle strength and reflexes checked!


Criminology Applicant Day.jpg

Criminology is a topical, interdisciplinary subject that draws from sociology, psychology and law to examine the issues surrounding crime and the criminal justice system. From the social context of crime and how it's managed to how agencies operate within the criminal justice system, you will study topics that will help you develop sought-after skills, giving you access to a vast array of jobs.

We offer a diverse set of criminology courses with a broad range of topics to study, from gang warfare, gun cultures and youth justice, to how crime is reported in the media allowing you to choose modules that reflect your interests. The flexibility of our courses means you could even combine your chosen area with a subject outside of criminology.


Jack Betts, PhD computing student

Courses included in this session are Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence with Computer Science, Computer Applications Development, Computer Forensics, Computer Games Development, Computer Security and Information Communication Technology.

Whether you're looking for a techie computer course or are interested in information technology or cyber security you'll get to hear about the whole spectrum of computing study on offer. You'll also tour our high-spec computer labs that you'll use throughout your studies.

Civil Engineering

BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering

Our qualified engineers will provide you with an insight into our accredited degrees. 

You’ll learn about the opportunities to undertake placements and get a chance to speak with a former student/industrialist. 

You’ll also visit our state-of-the-art laboratories where we’ll run a series of interactive demonstrations typically associated with Civil Engineering including testing material strengths, modelling channel flows, and assessing a model dam.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Engineering-Electrical open day highlights

Courses included in this session are Automotive Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Lighting Design and Technology and Sound and Live Event Production.

Our lecturers will provide you with an insight into our accredited degrees and ongoing research activities. The session will begin with a short subject specific talk followed by an opportunity to see the cutting-edge technologies, equipment and facilities available to you during your studies. 

You’ll be taken on a tour of our electrical and electronics lab, power system and renewable energy lab, laser and optoelectronic lab,  anechoic chamber, 3D printing and laser cutting room, student project showcase room and the Centre for Electronic product Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

 Courses included in this session are  Automotive Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Get a taste of mechanical engineering with demonstrations on our reverse engineering, wind tunnel, and mechanical engineering test and development equipment – giving you a feel for some of the work undertaken by our current students. 

You’ll also see our Formula Student area and find out more about how you could get involved in designing, building and racing a Formula Student car in a national motorsport competition.


Rebecca Bill - BA English

At our English Open Day you will meet teaching staff who specialise in Literature, Language, TESOL and Creative Writing.  

In addition to exploring the various English study options available to you, they will lead a series of short, fun activities designed to give you a taste of what it will be like to study English or English and Creative Writing at the University of South Wales.  

You may  learn about the language used in recognisable advertising or something you didn't know about Shakespeare.  You may even come away with a short poem that you've written.  Whatever happens you will be well informed about the structure of the course and, hopefully, excited about studying an English degree at South Wales. 


Dr Jane Finucane, history research

Find out more about what it’s like to be a History student at USW.  We will give you an introduction to modules we offer. Chronologically, there’s everything from witch trials in the sixteenth century to the Cold War in the twentieth; geographically, we range from West Africa in the age of Atlantic slavery to California during the Gold Rush of 1848.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet current students. They’ll be able to tell you about the things they’ve enjoyed  such as fieldtrips to Berlin, or gaining hands-on experience of working in the heritage sector. 


Law students at Moot Court

Courses included in this session are Law, Legal Practice (Exempting), Sports Law and Business, Law Accelerated Route and Law with Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Get a taste of what it is like to practice law in our state-of-the-art Moot Court. You’ll hear all about how we can support your route into the legal profession through qualifying law degrees, industry links, placement opportunities, employability initiatives and our very own Legal and Financial Advice Clinic.

During the Open Day you will and also take part in  a ‘University Challenge’ quiz that will focus on some of the core legal knowledge you will learn throughout your studies.  


Rianis_Dickson_mathematics student

Find out more about why we have an award winning reputation. You'll hear all about how you can benefit from our professionally recognised courses and the skills you'll gain that are sought-after in many professions. You'll also get the opportunity to show off your mathematical flair by solving our cryptic puzzle.


Dr Martin Graff, Reader in Psychology, Head of Research in Psychology

Courses included in this session are  Psychology, Childhood Development, Criminology and Criminal Justice with Psychology, Psychology with Behaviour Analysis, Psychology with Counselling, Psychology with Criminology & Criminal Justice, Psychology with Developmental Disorders and Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Find out more about how you can explore a child’s development from a range of perspectives including their learning and behaviour. You’ll have the chance to try out some of our interactive learning experiences, tour our facilities, meet the course team and talk to some of our current students. We have also planned tours of our laboratories and our two clinics, Analysis Clinic and the Dyscovery Centre, where you can gain valuable work experience as part of your course.

Public Services 

John Stowell_ BA _Hons_ Public Services_29832.jpg

If you envisage yourself making a difference to your local community through public services, this is the session for you. 

You will find out more about how our courses reflect the real world, our links with practitioners in the wider policy world and the variety of roles open to graduates who want to make an impact at a national or even global level.


Sara Daniels - Sociology.jpg

Sociology examines how our actions are shaped by our social environment. It explores the values, beliefs and ideas that people hold, the lives we live and choices we make. Sociology will disturb your taken-for-granted view of the world, making even the mundane things in everyday life seem extraordinary. If you are inquisitive, seek challenges, take pleasure in discovery, desire to see the world afresh, and don’t want to simply believe that things can only be the way you’ve been told they are, then a sociology degree is for you.  As you study sociology, you’ll develop the transferable skills that are sought after by employers, including research and problem-solving skills, and a range of communication skills. 

At our Open Day you’ll have an opportunity to see what it’s like to study sociology at university, gain insights into the discipline, and discuss career opportunities and destinations.  You will also work in teams to undertake an exercise that considers how we might attempt to rebuild society following a shipwreck on a tropical island.