Engineers lead the production of protective equipment for key workers

Visors for Critical care UHW Cardiff

Critical Care staff at UHW Cardiff 

USW Engineers are leading a project to produce specialist personal protective equipment (PPE) for key workers.

Led by Dr Leshan Uggalla, a team comprising of electrical, aeronautical and mechanical engineers and technicians, as well as staff from support department across the University, has already made and delivered hundreds of visors to care homes, pharmacies, and police forces across the region, with plans in place to deliver even more.

The visors are being produced on 3D printers on Treforest campus, after the team members were given special permission to use engineering facilities in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science.

Up to 160 visors can now be produced at USW each day, which adds up to 1,120 a week.

“We’ve already got hundreds out to key workers across the region,” Leshan said. 

We are part of the local community

“We have been looking to supply as much as possible to places in the local community where it’s needed most. We are part of the local community and want to do what we can to help.”

The feedback has been very positive from those who have received the PPE.

‘‘I have to say the visors are fabulous. I used one myself yesterday for a resident who has just returned from hospital. It was very comfortable, easy to put on but stayed firmly in place during use. It was brilliant in that it did not steam up and was a perfect fit.” said Wendy Ticehurst, Home Manager of Hafod.

We want to help

“The great thing has been that there have been no barriers at all. Everybody has seen how important it is for us to use our facilities and expertise to support the effort to fight the virus," said Dr Uggalla.

“The team has had one motivation - to do their bit at this time of need - and we’re glad we’ve been able to.”

Call for collaboration

We're interested in collaborating with businesses who are applying for Welsh Government funding to develop or manufacture devices, equipment and solutions in the fight against coronavirus. We offer academic expertise, R&D facilities and a strong track record in applied research. Contact us today.