Open Access and Data Management

Open Access

The benefits of Open Access for researchers are widely recognised. They include:

  • More exposure for your work
  • Practitioners can apply your findings
  • Higher citation rates
  • Your research can influence policy
  • The public can access your findings
  • Compliant with grant rules
  • Taxpayers get value for money
  • Researchers in developing countries can see your work

The two main routes to Open Access are the green and gold routes. We support a green route to Open Access which means the author archives a publisher-approved version of the manuscript, free of charge, in our institutional research repository.

At University of South Wales, Open Access support is part of Library Services. The Research Librarian is happy to help with queries and also provides Open Access training for research staff and PhD students which covers major OA policies, including the Research Excellence Framework (REF) Policy as well as the UKRI Open Access Policy.



Nicholas Roberts, Research Librarian
[email protected]

Research Data Management

USW expects all researchers to conduct research in a responsible and ethical manner and Research Data Management is an intrinsic element of good practice. Central to the principle of good research practice is the honest, accurate and meticulous recording and storage of research data. 

It can include:

  • Saving work in a format that can be re-opened easily
  • Naming files so they can be found quickly
  • Backing up valuable data
  • Controlling who has access to data
  • Sharing data to help maximise research impact

Why manage data?

  • To minimise the risk of data misplacement, data loss, or data corruption
  • To allow unique research to be repeated
  • To meet Data Protection requirements or Freedom of Information requests
  • To avoid risks to the University’s reputation associated with the mis-management of data
  • To preserve data integrity, and demonstrate data verification and validity
  • ‘Big data’ – to enable re-use
  • To enable access to data and/or results to other researchers/the public
  • As part of good practice – to share, cite, re-use, and store data properly
  • To meet funder requirements
  • To create citation impact if made available – get credit for your work
  • To demonstrate value for funding and likelihood of further funding
  • To facilitate and enable collaboration
  • The University of South Wales requires academics to manage their data
  • Research funders are the main drivers of RDM and applications to a research council require a Research Data Management Plan

The USW Research Data Management Policy stipulates that all new research projects must have a data management and sharing plan.  These plans must consider copyright, intellectual property, data licensing, data protection, data access & security and data re-use.

The Research Librarian is happy to help with data management plans and queries. They also provide data management training for research staff and PhD students. If you have a query relating to funding requirements for Research Data Management, please contact Research and Innovation Services.