Open Access and Data Management

Open Access

Open Access means making your research outputs freely available online. The aim is for anyone anywhere in the world to be able to read the research/publication and know what purpose they can use it for.  

Using Open Access, authors can extend the reach of their research, allowing readers access to material which would otherwise be behind subscription paywalls or other restricted systems.

There are a range of benefits of OA for researchers that include increasing the visibility of your research. At USW, we support authors on OA, provide training and help them navigate their way through the requirements.

We support a green route to Open Access which means the author archives a publisher-approved version of the manuscript, free of charge, in our institutional research repository, Research Explorer.

Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) helps to increase the impact of research. The accurate and meticulous recording of research data is an intrinsic element of good research practice.

At USW we support researchers to conduct their research in a responsible and ethical manner in accordance with the University’s RDM policy.

We can help at all stages of your research, from training or developing data management plans to storing your datasets.


Support for Open Access and Research Data Management is part of Library Services.

The Research Librarian is happy to help with queries, and provides training for research staff and postgraduate research students in Open Access and Data Management.

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