Next generation low carbon technologies

The Centre for Automotive & Power Systems Engineering (CAPSE) is a nationally recognised independent research, development, test and certification house. We have a reputation for cutting edge research and knowledge transfer activities within the advanced automotive and power systems engineering sectors.

CAPSE’s mission is to support business and organisations to develop the next generation of low carbon technologies, supporting the creation of new jobs and economic opportunities. 

CAPSE building

Based within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Science, CAPSE prides itself on its specialised facilities and equipment, as well as its commitment to ongoing research and development, which empowers professional engineers and support staff to deliver innovative products and services.

We are committed to working closely with industry leaders to meet the challenges in the transport and energy sectors, and prioritise our customer needs by providing a flexible and bespoke range of services which aims to deliver a greener and more sustainable future.

Lord Drayson unveiling the Centre for Automotive & Power Systems Engineering

Our Services

CAPSE can deliver a significant range of R&D, testing and advisory services focused around automotive, energy storage, power electronics, control systems design and advanced communications.

Our facilities and expertise can support:

  • Energy Storage R&D - next-generation automotive and stationary energy storage solutions. Including battery, ultra-capacitor, fuel cell, flywheel and other energy storage technologies. This facility has a wide range of testing capabilities with over one megawatt of testing capacity.
  • Energy Systems R&D - specialising in research, development and testing around the systems which integrate automotive and stationary energy storage with their end applications. These facilities include climatic, frequency response, power electronics, communication and fundamental electrochemistry analysis capabilities.
  • Powertrain R&D -  which focus on next-generation hybrid and full electric vehicles. This facility houses Wales’s only 4-wheel drive direct hub dynamic chassis rolling road system.

  • Through the Smart Energy Storage Solutions Hub, we can work with businesses to drive innovation and develop new products, technologies and processes for the commercial market.


For an informal discussion on our range of client services please contact:

Jonathan Williams, Centre Director
Call: 01443 654 685