Contributing to global food security

Food security is a huge global challenge that involves solving hunger and malnutrition worldwide. Since 2001, Professor Denis Murphy at the University of South Wales has been conducting research into genomic and biotechnological tools for improvement of calorie-rich oil crops in developing countries, including Malaysia. 

Food security occurs when all people can access enough safe and nutritious food to fulfil their requirements for a healthy life, in ways the planet can sustain into the future. However, many countries face several problems across both production and consumption which makes them unable to meet a high national standard of food security. In collaboration with Malaysian Government and industry bodies, Murphy has led research into biotechnological manipulation of crops and applied advanced genomic techniques to methods of crop improvement.   

His genomic analysis has identified key genes of interest to commercial and government partners in Malaysia, including crop breeders and farmers. Additionally, his collaborative research with a local small/medium-sized enterprise (SME) in Wales has led to analytical technologies that address international sustainability concerns for palm oil supply chains, which currently feed >2 billion people daily. 

Finally, this research has impacted Malaysian government environmental research and development policy.