Enhancing public policy delivery through the application of GIS

Innovative tools developed by University of South Wales (USW) has enabled government, national sporting bodies and charitable organisations improve their strategic planning and better support the delivery of key services.

Since 2006, researchers at the Geographical Information Systems Research (GIS) Research Unit have conducted research that examines geographical variations in accessibility to a range of public and private services.   This research has supported activities of the Welsh Government, providing the evidential base that guided the selection of areas used to pilot their new childcare provision policy

What is more, it prompted an on-going evaluation into the use of these tools for calculating future Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation scores used to allocate programme funds across Wales and  supplied National Sports Bodies such as Welsh Gymnastics, and the charitable organisation Tenovus Cancer Care, previously unobtainable levels of detail on revealed patterns of accessibility to current and future configurations of service delivery points.