Influencing and developing women’s entrepreneurship policy in the UK

Women are underrepresented in entrepreneurship. Research by the University of South Wales (USW) into female entrepreneurship has contributed to the development of government policy and business support in Wales and the UK. While entrepreneurship has been promoted by Welsh Government (WG) in the past, previously there was no specific policy regarding women’s entrepreneurship. Building on a 20-year track record of research in this field, USW academics were commissioned by the WG to investigate challenges and business support experienced by women entrepreneurs. 

This research has directly contributed to the development and publication of two policies: Supporting Entrepreneurial Women in Wales: An Approach for Wales and Supporting Entrepreneurial Women in Wales: Two Year Action Plan, which were endorsed by the WG in 2019. 

USW research and expertise has also directly benefited over 400 women entrepreneurs in Wales and supported the business support community.