Preparing nurses for spiritual care, nationally and internationally

Spiritual care is an important part of holistic person-centred care but has been neglected within nurse/midwifery undergraduate education, despite statutory requirements for nurses/midwives to demonstrate competency.   

For more than a decade, University of South Wales’ (USW) ground-breaking research has identified important new knowledge on how to prepare and assess undergraduate nurses/midwives for spiritual care.  Collaboratively, we pioneered the first spiritual care competency standard, identified what helps students learn, and reached consensus on how spirituality and spiritual care are defined for nurse/midwifery education across Europe.   

This research has changed and enhanced education, policy, and practice of nursing and other health care professions in Wales, England/UK, and Europe. For example, pre-registration nursing curricula at 23 universities across 16 countries has been enhanced. This research is raising awareness of the importance of spiritual care for the nursing/midwifery professions globally.