B7: Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

Our Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences research is divided into distinct themes: Genetic and Molecular Applications; Wildlife Ecology, and Geoscience. 

For our Genetic and Molecular researchers, the prevalence of antibiotics in natural and anthropic systems is a key focus, with specialisms in anti-microbial resistance, biotechnology, genomics and computational biology related to global food security.

Wildlife Ecology research investigates tropical ecosystem challenges; upland landscape ecology; and biodiversity conservation, while Geoscience research specialises in applications of advanced automated mineral analysis; forensic geoscience; geo-archaeology; and applied mineralogy.

REF Highlights

  • More than 50% of our Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences research is recognised as world leading or internationally excellent (4* / 3*) 
  • Joint first in the UK for impact out of 40 universities - based on 4* / 3*
  • 100% of our research impact is internationally excellent (3*) 

Unit of Assessment Results

% 4* % 3* % ≤ 2*
Overall 4 49 47
Outputs 5.9 41.2 52.9
Impact 0.0 100.0 0.0
Environment 0.0 0.0 100.0

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Impact Case Studies