C20: Social Work and Social Policy

Research from University of South Wales submitted into Social Work and Social Policy includes work from staff from both the Faculty of Business and Society, and the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education.

This research spans a number of disciplines, and is arranged into three research groups - Centre for Criminology; Centre for Social Policy; and the International Centre for Policing and Security - focused around the primary aim of applying research to ‘real world’ issues for the benefit of governments, policymakers, public service authorities, service-users and other citizens.  

Key areas of strength for the Centre for Criminology are violence/homicide; major crime investigation/cold case reviews; substance abuse; prisons and resettlement; and probation service including youth justice.

The Centre for Social Policy engages in policy and practice analysis. It facilitates impactful research in its core areas of migration; environmental politics; global social and public policy, and international development; policies affecting young people in EU countries; and well-being in policy and welfare/health practice.

The International Centre for Policing and Security  is the UK's oldest and most reputable policing and security centre. It undertakes research that informs UK and EU governments, specialising in key security issues such as terrorism, political violence, cybercrime and warfare and transnational organised crime.

Unit of Assessment Results

% 4* % 3* % ≤ 2*
Overall 21 50 29
Outputs 21.6 52.9 25.5
Impact 33.3 50.0 16.7
Environment 0.0 37.5 62.5

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  • 71% of research is world leading or internationally excellent (4* / 3*) 
  • More than 80% of our research impact is world leading or internationally excellent (4* / 3*)  
  • 75% of our outputs are world leading or internationally excellent (4* / 3*) 
  • First in Wales for impact out of three universities - based on 4* / 3* 

Impact Case Studies