Research Impact

Impact on Crime, Security and Justice

Improving homicide investigation

Professor Fiona Brookman’s homicide research with the police has changed the procedures for homicide investigation in both the UK and the US.

Building UK’s capacity to develop cyber skills

Clare Johnson leads the development of the National Cyber Security Academy (NCSA) in partnership with industry and the public sector to increase capacity in cyber security skills training and research to develop the next generation of cyber security experts. Working the NCSA plays a major role in the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster.

Improving social welfare for prisoners and their families

Professor Mike Maguire and Anna Clancy’s criminology research with HM Prison Parc, Barnardo’s and the Ministry of Justice has developed new approaches to social welfare and the criminal justice system and improved support for prisoners, their children and families.

Impact on Health and Wellbeing

Helping strengthen family resilience in Wales

Dr Carolyn Wallace and Professor David Pontin's research in care sciences with health boards and Welsh Government has impacted on public policy and professional practice by developing a new family resilience assessment tool (FRAIT), which is now used by health visitors across Wales.

Helping athletes perform under pressure

Professor David Shearer and Mike Gross’ sports science research with Sports Wales has transformed the way Wales’s elite athletes are supported to perform in a highly competitive environment, and improved Welsh success on the world stage.

Working with local providers to provide therapeutic services for the community

The Helen Kegie Centre has been established in Newport to provide therapeutic services for the community in partnership with statutory and third sector partners which has changed lives locally and established USW as the centre of excellence in therapeutic services in Wales.

Incorporating explicit “life skills” education into children’s sports coaching

Dr Ceri Bowley and Professor Brendan Cropley's sports science research with the Welsh FA has enabled sports coaching organisations to introduce explicit ‘life skills’ education into the coaching curriculum to strengthen resilience of young sports people.  

Impact on Creative Industries, Culture and the Arts

Working with media and policy-makers

Professor Ruth McElroy’s and the Centre for Media and Culture in Small Nations research with the Welsh media sector has impacted on public policy and the development of Welsh cultural and creative organisations.

Popular music memories

Professor Paul Carr’s research with community and cultural organisations in Merthyr Tydfil has highlighted the important contribution the town has made to popular music in Wales.

Impact on our Environment

Low carbon future

University of South Wales’s Hydrogen Centre, led by Dr Jon Maddy, is working closely with Neath Port Talbot Council on the FLEXIS project to develop low emission vehicles as part of their strategy for a low carbon future.

Global Impact

Improving justice systems in Afghanistan

Professor Ali Wardak’s criminology research with UN Development Programme and Afghan community groups has influenced the development of a fairer and more efficient justice system in Afghanistan.

Enabling international sharing for Archaeological data sets

Professor Doug Tudhope's research into hypermedia has led to transnational cooperation and integration of archaeological data sets with partners across 11 countries which has improved the accessibility and visibility of Europe’s rich archaeological resources.

Raising awareness of the importance of Women’s Football in Africa

Professor Florence Ayisi's documentary film-making research has raised the societal and Governmental understanding of the role played by women’s football in Africa and around the world. 

Work with us

From building a sustainable energy infrastructure and providing better healthcare to influencing public policy and developing creative products, we work closely with our research partners to make a real impact on society and the economy.