Three new appointments to Professorships and Associate Professorships


Many congratulations to the three researchers who have been successful in the latest Higher Academic Awards appointments.

Associate Professor and Professor are highly prestigious titles and the most senior designations bestowed by the University in recognition of excellence in the individual’s subject area.

Associate Professor Anne Marie Coll

Dr Anne Marie Coll

Anne Marie Coll has been conferred the title of Associate Professor in Nursing and Health. A Registered General Nurse, Anne Marie came to the University in 1996 as a PhD student to investigate the experience of patients undergoing day surgery. This study has been the cornerstone for publications on pain as well as nurses’ assessment and management of it.

Her other research interests include oral health in children with several qualitative research studies evaluating the impact of the Designed to Smile programme from the perspectives of teachers and parents. More recently, she has been involved in a cross sectional study with oral health practitioners to identify behavioural factors influencing the adoption of a community preventive approach to the delivery of dental care in Wales.

Associate Professor Chris Hill

Christopher Hill, Associate Professor of History

Chris Hill has been conferred the title of Associate Professor in History. A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (RHS), Chris’s research explores links between British imperialism, decolonisation, and the development of nuclear energy and weapons by the UK. Chris seeks to show how imperial science helped to shape nuclear knowledge; how uranium supplies were secured from colonies and Commonwealth states; and how sites for nuclear weapons tests were selected and managed.

Chris’s research on nuclear imperialism has been supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), which awarded Chris an Early Career Leadership Fellowship in 2020. More recently, the UK Cabinet Office also appointed Chris as Principal Investigator for a project entitled An Oral History of British Nuclear Test Veterans. This project, supported by National Life Stories from the British Library, will produce educational resources, a project film, and an open access archive of interviews on British Library Sounds.

Associate Professor Hill runs two research-led modules on the BA in History: ‘A Global History of the Nuclear Age’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back: History, Heritage, and Race in Contemporary Britain’.

Professor Harriet Pierpoint

Dr Harriet Pierpoint

Harriet Pierpoint has been conferred the title of Professor of Criminology. She is an expert in the emerging field of vulnerability research. The thread of ‘enabling voices’ runs through her research, teaching and engagement activities.

Harriet is currently leading a National Lottery funded evaluation of a homelessness project for which she is collaborating with Cardiff Metropolitan University, Shelter Cymru and peer researchers. This evaluation follows a study of homelessness services for children in custody in Wales being used to understand how to improve these services and inform the development of a white paper in autumn 2023.

Professor Pierpoint is the co-chair of the Vulnerability Research Network and founder of an award-winning research intern scheme at USW.

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