Dr Gareth Roderique-Davies appointed as Professor

Dr Gareth Roderique-Davies

Congratulations to Psychology's Gareth Roderique-Davies on his appointment to Professor. Gareth is co-director of USW's Addictions Research Group, and brings a wealth of experience in health psychology.

Gareth joined the University as an hourly paid lecturer in 1998, when he was completing my PhD at Swansea, and became full time in 2000.

“Psychology at USW has always been a very collegiate place to work and we’ve always encouraged each other to collaborate on research.

“I’ve worked on projects as diverse as allegiances to Welsh rugby clubs to investigating parental attitudes to smacking children. When you have a supportive environment it’s a lot easier to have the confidence to get involved and both apply and develop your skills.

Current research

“My recent research into alcohol-related brain damage has been incredibly rewarding. It’s a very under researched area and our findings are already informing policy and shaping the way that this complex disorder is diagnosed.
“In addition to this, my other main interest is around problem gambling. I’m on a cross-party group on problem gambling at the Welsh Assembly and working with policy makers to build the evidence base for gambling to be considered a public health issue has also been very rewarding.

“The research office has always been a great source of support and encouragement and I’ve attended many training events ranging from supervising PhDs to writing skills and dealing with the media.

“Research is a team sport so I’ve always loved being part of a research group. Research can also be frustrating at times, so it’s important to have fun and create a good rapport.

Research-led teaching

“To be able to talk to a group of Psychology students about work you are actually doing is very rewarding.

“It’s important for students to see what the applications of the discipline are in the real world, so to be able to talk about this from my own experience is rewarding for me and hopefully for the students too.”

Dr Louise Bright, Director of Research and Business Engagement, said: "Associate Professor and Professor are highly prestigious titles and are the most senior designations bestowed by the University in recognition of excellence in the individual’s subject area."

As well as the established research and development route, progression to professorial title can be via three other routes namely innovation and engagement, teaching and learning and professional practice.