Fellowship award of £75k for renewable energy expert

Impact Awards Dr Tim Patterson, SERC

University of South Wales (USW) Associate Professor Tim Patterson is one of just 12 UK graduates and researchers in the latest cohort of awardees of a Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Enterprise Fellowship.

A specialist in life cycle analysis of renewable gases, and a leading expert in sustainability analysis at USW’s Sustainable Environment Research Centre(SERC), Dr Patterson received the £75,000 award to develop a spinout company that will support efforts to advance sustainable products and energy market services through the production of synthetic methane gas.

The novel technology behind the spinout integrates electricity and gas networks by biologically catalysing hydrogen gas, produced using renewable electricity, and carbon dioxide from industry to produce synthetic natural methane, a direct replacement for fossil natural gas.

This accelerator programme consists of 15 days of training, which is complemented by six months of support from a business coach. Alongside this, the entrepreneurs benefit from a full year of one-to-one mentoring from a leading expert in engineering and tech startups and spinouts.

Welcoming the honour, Dr Patterson said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to have been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship.

“For the Royal Academy of Engineering to recognise the potential impact of our work is a fitting reflection of the years of hard work that our research group, Faculty, and support teams have already dedicated to this area.

“The programme of training, mentorship, and support provided by the Royal Academy is second to none and will give a real boost to our commercialisation journey.

“I’m looking forward to dedicating the next 12 months to meeting lots of new challenges and moving the technology significantly closer to deployment.”

The Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowships have been running since 2011, supporting graduates and researchers to create disruptive, engineering-focused start-ups and spinouts.

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