Jonathan Oti appointed as Associate Professor

Dr Jonathan Oti, Civil Engineering lecturer

Congratulations to civil engineering's Jonathan Oti on his appointment to Associate Professor.

Nigerian-born Jonathan Oti is a chartered civil engineer and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) who came to the University of South Wales as an MSc Civil Engineering student in 2005 and stayed on to do his PhD.


Prior to that, Jonathan worked in the construction industry for seven years, managing various projects from inception and design through to tender, build and final hand-over.

His most notable project was the management of World Bank Water Rehabilitation project in Africa.

“At USW, my first significant recognition came when I was one of two people to be awarded the prestigious innovative sustainable development award by Welsh Assembly Government.

"This funding, which helped me to complete my PhD, was in recognition of my applied research on the development of unfired clay building materials.”


“The development of sustainable civil engineering construction materials, technologies, and practice has remained my research focus.

“I have continued to explore the utilisation of natural, industrial and agricultural waste streams at regional, national and international levels and this has resulted in a significant body of knowledge on a wide range of waste streams that have hitherto been well utilised in the construction industry.

Current research

  • Effects of dynamic loading on performance of reinforced concrete elements strengthened using fibre-reinforced polymers
  • suppression of sulphate-induced swelling in lime-stabilised soils using waste glass powder waste, silica fume and magnesium oxide waste.
  • Development of an extra-high performance soil-based material for roads and foundations
  • The development of high strength pervious concrete
  • Development of geo-polymer binders for civil infrastructural applications

Support to progress

“USW has provided me with a great deal of support to develop and achieve my academic ambitions - funds to attend conference and external courses; capital funds to purchase new equipment, Strategic Insight Programme funding and help to achieve my teaching qualification."

"I love both aspects of my job, both teaching and research, and have demonstrated throughout my career that research-informed learning and teaching activities greatly engage students.

"There is perhaps, no better and appropriate methods for knowledge transfer than using real-life examples to teach, supervise and mentor students at undergraduate and postgraduate level."

Dr Louise Bright, Director of Research and Business Engagement, said: "Associate Professor and Professor are highly prestigious titles and are the most senior designations bestowed by the University in recognition of excellence in the individual’s subject area."

As well as the established research and development route, progression to professorial title can be via three other routes namely innovation and engagement, teaching and learning and professional practice.