USW Research Podcasts

From intensive farming to corporate homicide, palm oil to antibiotic resistance. The Sixty Second Spotlight podcast offers bite-sized insight into the world-changing research undertaken by the University of South Wales. Learn more about our research impact and watch our research impact videos.

In this extended podcast, criminologist Professor Fiona Brookman explores 'white collar crime' and the different ways in which corporations kill us 

Biotechnologist Professor Denis Murphy addresses the potential crisis in producing sufficient food to feed the expanding world population

In this extended podcast, microbiologist Dr Emma Hayhurst explores how Covid-19 is accelerating the threat of antimicrobial resistance

Forensic geologist Dr Duncan Pirrie explains how soil can be used to link offenders to crime scenes and in the search for missing murder victims

Biological anthropologist Dr Tracie McKinney talks about strategies to protect wildlife in both wild and human-altered landscapes

Dr Emily Underwood-Lee explores the impact that stories can have on policy and services, health and wellbeing

Geologist Dr Duncan Pirrie explains the need for new mineral deposits if we are going to achieve our ambitions for electric vehicles

Psychologist Professor Gareth Roderique-Davies looks at the impact of lockdown on the consumption of alcohol 

Professor Brendan Cropley outlines the importance of elite sport coaches managing and improving their own performance

Biotechnologist Professor Denis Murphy asks can and should we do without palm oil? 

Professor Ruth Northway explores how communication tools can improve access to healthcare for people with learning disabilities

Dr Tracie McKinney talks about the importance of research on wildlife living in human-altered environments

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