Podcast: Well-being and performance in sport coaching

Sports Coaching Research: Professor Brendan Cropley

Stress and well-being have implications for coach performance

Welcome to Sixty Seconds Spotlight. I’m Dr Brendan Cropley, Professor of Sport Coaching at the University of South Wales. Through the field of sport psychology, my research focuses on understanding the concept of performance in coaching.

Recently, researchers have rightly argued that coaches should be considered as performers in their own right. This is because sport coaching has become recognised as a stressful and complex profession. 

Specifically, coaches have to manage a range of personal and interpersonal demands coupled with long working hours and high levels of job insecurity, whilst being ultimately accountable for the performance of their athletes.

As for all individuals working in any industry, the ability to cope with such demands impacts their own personal and professional functioning – and certainly the job has been found to lead to personal health-related costs.

Consequently, we have developed an interest in understanding the mental well-being of those working in sport and how coaches can manage their well-being as a way of enhancing their personal and professional performance. 

Our research has uncovered that performance through managing psychological well-being can be improved by developing purpose, growth and mastery, connecting with the right people and autonomy by taking control over our developmental journey.

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About Professor Brendan Cropley

Brendan Cropley, Professor of Sport Coaching

Brendan Cropley is Professor of Sport Coaching at University of South Wales and Head of the Centre for Football Research in Wales. He has made a significant contribution to the sport and exercise sciences, particularly in the area of sport psychology and sport coach education.

Brendan has provided a range of consultancy services to athletes, coaches, and national governing bodies as well as having an emerging research profile that has helped to shape training and development programmes in the sport sciences and sport coaching. 

This contribution was recognised by the British Association of Sport & Exercise Science (BASES) who awarded Brendan Fellowship status in 2014. Brendan is also a UEFA A Licence (Level 4) football coach and FAW Trust Level 4 coach educator.

Brendan heads up Sports Coaching and Development Research and teaches on the sports courses at USW.

You can see all Professor Brendan Cropley's research outputs here

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