Collaborative research

Industrial partners

USW is proud to work with industrial partners across many different sectors to deliver collaborative research that is both relevant and which provides solutions to the industrial challenges of today.


USW has secured funding from a range of sources in order to deliver numerous large-scale collaborative research projects throughout the region.

These include:

These projects work with businesses to provide access to state of the art research facilities and specialist academic expertise in order to provide solutions to specific challenges they may be facing.

Recent projects

  • Dr Who Immersive Adventures is a key part of the Government’s Creative Industries Sector Deal. USW is part of a consortium that has been awarded a multi-million-pound R&D grant to explore and pioneer cutting-edge immersive experiences.

  • The Reduced Industrial Carbon Emissions (RICE), led by the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University in partnership with the Sustainable Energy Research Centre (SERC) team at the University of South Wales, draws on world-class expertise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from large and heavy equipment and facilities, and help drive a stronger and greener economy.

  • Smart Circle is a £2million collaborative industrial research project to explore how innovative bioprocesses can be used to improve the overall efficiency of a range of industrial operations.

  • Clwstwr Creadigol aims to put innovation at the core of media production in South Wales - moving Cardiff’s thriving screen sector from strength to leadership.

  • FLEXIS (Flexible Integrated Energy Systems) is a £24 million research operation designed to develop an energy systems research capability in Wales which will build on the world class capability that already exists in Welsh universities.

  • The Smart Energy Storage Solutions Hub (SESS) scheme, led by the University of South Wales, works with businesses to drive innovation and develop new products, technologies and processes for the commercial market.

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