KTP delivers economic growth

Company background

Northamptonshire-based Smartscan Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of machine safety products. They produce a complete range of safety light curtains and accessories for machine guarding and provide safety consultancy service, bespoke machine safety training and CE marking services for machines.

Smartscan also produce non-safety light curtains for measurement (i.e. measurement light curtains), process control and non-safety machine protection. 

The products are used in automation and control functions across manufacturing in a variety of applications including entry exist guarding on palletising and wrapping lines, metal working presses and press brakes, woodworking machines, sewage treatment and injection moulding.

Research KTP case study SmartScan

New products and revenue streams

Smartscan approached University of South Wales to take advantage of our research expertise in electronics and electrical engineering.

The KTP project developed novel techniques to provide a low cost, high-resolution 1D measurement light curtain and to realise a 2D light curtain that could obtain both 2D size and profile information on a manufacturing conveyer. 

Excellent results

The KTP with USW delivered excellent benefits for the company. These include:

  • Commercial differentiation

  • Embedding of critical optical system design knowledge that will be core to the future competitive advantage of the business

  • Establishing a new optical laboratory

  • Introducing new product lines into new markets, measuring light curtains

  • The addition of a new revenue stream for calibration services on the new measuring products

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