Financial Trading Room

Experience the world of financial trading

Experience the fast-paced world of financial trading and investment with our realistic Financial Trading Room which offers a realistic simulation to students.

This invaluable facility will enable you to use industry-standard software as you hone your skills allowing you to react to price movements and news items which are relevant to a portfolio of shares and commodities.

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Why use the Financial Trading Room?

Learn through realistic experiences

We aim to prepare you for your future through real-world experiences which is why our Financial Trading Room provides a realistic simulation of a professional trading room. Our trading room will provide you with insight into both the skills and the psychology of financial trading while helping you to build your confidence. You will learn to analyse data, place orders, make predictions, and to analyse the news before reacting appropriately.

Fantastic facilities

Our Financial Trading Room is equipped with industry-quality software that accurately replicates the software used in the real world. You can expect to use Global Investor Simulations software, which will allow you to practice your skills while providing you with real-time access to news in the financial markets as well as financial and market information including prices of shares, funds, commodities, and more.

Supervision from experienced staff

If you learn using our Financial Trading Room, you will be supervised by experienced staff who have a wealth of knowledge in finance and investment from their own time working in industry. Whether you make a profit or a loss in a simulated setting, our staff will help you understand financial trading, how your actions have impacted your outcome. You will learn to analyse data, place orders, make predictions, and to analyse the news, before reacting appropriately as part of one of our final year optional modules, Financial Trading and Investment.

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