Performance Sport: Netball

Netball is one of our three recognised sports as part of the University of South Wales’ High-Performance Sport Programme.

The programme is open to Women’s Netball and offers a wide range of student perks including high quality coaching, sport science services, physiotherapy and strength and conditioning support, alongside free sportwear and facility memberships.

This programme is designed to benefit elite performance athletes by supporting their academic study and sporting careers simultaneously.

High Performance Netball: Programme Features

  • Weekly training with expert coaching staff
  • High quality elite training environment
  • Strength and conditioning support
  • Physiotherapy and sport massage services
  • Performance analysis

  • Free university sportswear*
  • Free sport facility membership*
  • Guest speaker and development events
  • Media promotion and experience
  • Sport scholarship opportunities

*Only applicable to students in receipt of the sport scholarship.

Women’s Netball at the University of South Wales

The University of South Wales Women’s Netball team currently play in BUCS. Many players play at a high level for their respective clubs at the weekends and the University has excellent partnerships with the Welsh Netball, the Celtic Dragons and many others across the South Wales region.

A sample weekly schedule of what to expect:

📅 Monday: Strength and conditioning training

📅 Tuesday: Training sessions and match preparation

📅 Wednesday: Game day

📅 Thursday: Recovery and performance analysis

📅 Friday: Day off (or independent training)

You’ll receive professional performance-level coaching throughout your time with the programme combined with sport-specific facilities for training. The coaching staff at the University of South Wales work tirelessly to make sure you're valued throughout your time at the University and consist of the following:

  • Performance Coaches
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Sport Science and Video Analysis
  • Sports Massage and Therapy