2024/25 Sport Scholarships

The University of South Wales offers a range of Sport Scholarships worth up to £1,500 for students who compete at a national or professional level and want to represent the University in BUCS Sports in one of our three recognised performance sports: Football, Rugby, or Netball. 

Sporting criteria

There are three different categories of scholarship offered to sport scholars which varying financial awards and sport scholar perks. Each category has its own eligibility criteria as detailed below:

£1,500, plus £215 FitZone card | Profile: National U20s/U21 or senior cap

Our Platinum scholarship is only available to students competing at a national level. Professional level sport scholarships are available within our gold and silver categories.

£1,000, plus £100 FitZone card | Profile: National U18 cap*

Equivalent professional level sport representation is also considered for football and rugby.

Football: Professional U23 Contract or club represented in UEFA Champions League, Europa League or equivalent.

Rugby: Professional U21 Contract or representation at a rugby premiership level.

£500, plus £100 FitZone card | Profile: National U16s*

Equivalent professional level sport representation is also consider for football and rugby.

Football: Professional football at 16-18 years old or current member of a premiership club.

Rugby: Professional U18 Contract or representation at a rugby premiership level.

2024:25 Sport Scholarships


The process to apply for a financial support package depends on the award you wish to obtain and your category eligibility. Before you apply, we recommend reviewing the eligibility criteria for each award.

All applicants and current students are required to complete our online application form if they are seeking to obtain support, this applies to all sport scholarship, bursaries, awards, and performance sport programmes. 

Once you complete your application, you will receive an automatic notification by email. You will then receive confirmation of your eligibility, and subject to meeting the terms and conditions.

Final confirmation of receipt of award will be confirmed once assessments are undertaken and prior to start your course. Please note: Any award can only be activated once you have successfully enrolled onto your course.

  • Applications accepted: 2024-25 Academic Year

*Please note: The above deadline is only applicable to our sport scholarships and performance sport programme. Our Sport Bursary and Vice Chancellor's award can be applied for at any time throughout the year.

Any student full or part-time studying at the University of South Wales. Part-time students must be studying a minimum of 60 credits per year to be eligible and  represent the University in BUCS. You can apply each year at any stage during your studies.

You can apply each year of your study, whether you are a full-time undergraduate, part time or postgraduate students providing you meet the pre-requisite eligibility criteria.  If you have to re-sit a year you will not be able to reapply for the same year again.