Performance Sport Programme 2023

Applications for 2023 open NOW

At the University of South Wales we recognise and reward sporting achievements. We offer our students support to aid them in continuing to compete at a high level whilst accomplishing their educational goals. Our Performance Sport Programme is available to students who are competing to at least junior national or international level in their sport. 

The Performance Sport Programme at USW consists of three different awards. To apply to be a part of the Performance Sport Programme at USW you must be studying at either the Treforest, Cardiff or City campuses and be studying a minimum of 60 credits a year.

Click on the links below for more information regarding the Sports Scholarship, Sports Bursary and The Vice Chancellor's Award.

* All Sport Scholars will be expected to represent USW in the BUCS competitions.

How do I apply?


  • Applications for Sport Scholarships, Bursaries and the Vice Chancellor's Award are open now
  • Annual applications are required from returning students and each scholarship is valid for a year.
  • Sports Scholarships can be renewed up to a total of four years. The Sports Scholarship Committee will review each individual award annually and you will need to complete a new application form each year if you wish to re-apply.
  • All of the information you require to complete the application form is in the Performance Sport Support document.
Football at USW Sport Park

Important information

* Every application will be considered within two weeks of receipt

* Not everyone who applies will be successful

*Sports Scholarship, Bursaries and the Vice Chancellor's award are reviewed every year and are subject to funding and final league position

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Additional Funding

Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews Bursary Award

If you are an International golfer you may be eligible for the R & A Bursary Award of up to £5000. 

To apply you will need to write directly to the R&A at the following address: 

The R&A, St. Andrews,  Fife, Scotland,  KY16 9JD.

MCC University Centre of Cricketing Excellence

The University in association with Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University have formed the Cardiff/Glamorgan Centre for Cricketing Excellence, as part of a national scheme run by the England and Wales Cricket Board.

The Cardiff/Glamorgan Centre is one of only six UK Centres that have been developed to ensure that the best young cricketers can combine higher education with opportunities to develop their cricket. In 2007 and 2009 the Cardiff/Glamorgan Centre won the championship and in 2010 the BUCS league.

What will the programme offer?

  • High quality cricket facilities (use of the new Indoor Cricket Centre in Cardiff and first class pitches)
  • A full-time coach
  • Sports Science and medical support
  • A playing programme which includes early season matches against first class counties, MCCU matches and BUCS Premier League matches.
Sports Students

For more information on the Cricket MCCU please contact Lewys Thomas ([email protected]).

Who can apply?


Any student full or part-time studying at USW at either the Treforest, Cardiff or City campuses.  Part-time students must be studying a minimum of 60 credits per year to be eligible. If you are doing less than 60 credits per year unfortunately, you will not be eligible to represent the University in BUCS. Therefore, you would not be able to apply for a Sports Scholarship or Sports Bursary. You can apply at any stage (e.g. 1st year, 2nd year, etc.). 


Do I need to join a Student Union team? 


All applicants must have paid the Athletic Union affiliation to be eligible to apply for a sports scholarship. In effect, this means that you must sign up, attend trials and training and pay to join the Students Union Club. The cost of this is between £60-190 depending on the club. The fees include all costs for the year and most include a ‘kit pack’ for your sport. Only students who have joined the Students Union Clubs are eligible for a Sports Scholarship.  


If you are successful in being awarded a sports scholarship and meet the commitments of the scheme, you will receive a full refund for the club affiliation in December 2019. If you are not successful or have not met the terms of the scholarship, you will not receive a refund.


Are full time professional sportsmen/women permitted to apply?




Must other awards be disclosed in the application?


Yes.  You must declare if you are receiving any additional awards such as sponsorship from a club or national organisation.  The full amount must be declared in your application.


How many awards can I apply for?


You can apply each year of your study at USW. This could be three years as a full time undergraduate, as a part time student or as a postgraduate. Please see below regarding part time students.  If you have to re-sit a year you will not be able to reapply for the same year again.


Application procedure for Sport Scholarships and Sports Bursaries


Your completed application form must be delivered to Lewys Thomas (Sports Officer) )at USW Sports Park or emailed to [email protected] before the deadline. Applications for 2021/22 Sport Scholarships are closed.


Contact Us

For more information about anything relating to the Performance Sport Programme at USW please contact Lewys Thomas (Sports Officer);

Lewys Thomas (Sports Officer),

USW Sport Park,

Treforest Industrial Estate,


CF37 5UP.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (01443) 654747

Name: Helal Albaarini

Course: Football Coaching & Performance

Name: Lucy Attwood

Course: Sport & Exercise Science

Name: Lucia Carpanini

Course: Strength & Conditioning

Name: Charlie Fripp

Course: Football Coaching & Performance

Name: Andrew Higgins

Course: Course TBC

Name: Megan Jones

Course: Sports Coaching & Development

Name: Steven Macpherson

Course: Sport & Exercise Psychology

Name: Taylor Marsh

Course: Football Coaching & Performance

Name: Rhianne Oakley

Course: Sport & Exercise Science

Name: Tommy O'Sullivan

Course: Strength & Conditioning

Name: Evan Press

Course: BSc Football Coaching

Name: Morgan Rogers

Course: Sport & Exercise Science

Name: Samuel Snaith

Course: Sports Coaching & Development

Name: Theo Wharton

Course: LLB Law

Name: Eleanor Young

Course: Master of Chiropractic