Lyn Jehu, senior lecturer, football coaching courses

Lyn Jehu

A former graduate of this university, Lyn brings over twenty years of industry experience to his present role at USW. It was while working in secondary education that he developed a passion for coaching and sport development.

Lyn also worked on a part-time basis for Cardiff City Foundation, delivering on soccer camps, match day experiences and running coaching centres throughout South Wales. Lyn eventually became a full time member of staff at Cardiff City, working as a teacher within their education programme.

Other relevant industry experience includes working at Cheltenham Town delivering education programmes to Futsal scholars and academy apprentices. In addition, Lyn worked for Manchester United Soccer Schools on a part time basis.

Lyn also brings a wealth of international experience to USW, working for five years as a senior staff coach/camp director for the largest coaching provider in North America.

Lyn was also based in Japan for five years working on the government sponsored JET Programme. The sporting element of this role mainly involved the provision of football education at grassroots level and within the public school system. Lyn also worked closely with local international associations in order to develop sport within his base city of Kitakyushu.

Upon returning to the UK, Lyn initially worked for the university as a technical demonstrator for sport, further enhancing his experience of sport specific fitness training and assessment methodologies.

In his current role, Lyn is based at the Sports Park and iis relishing the opportunity to have a positive impact on the education and development of students at USW.

“As someone who is very much a product of this university I feel a great deal of pride and satisfaction in being able to help advise and guide our current students towards their intended career pathways. I’m very excited that I will be able to help facilitate our students personal development and increase their levels of employability in this extremely competitive environment”.

Lyn is a FAW Level 1 Coach Educator and a C Certificate Club Mentor. Lyn also enjoys working at his local club, Merthyr Town F.C. as lead coach of the academy youth development phase.

Lyn holds a 5th degree black belt in Okinawan karate. Lyn is a regular visitor to the University of Masaryk in the Czech Republic where he teaches on their martial arts programmes.