My work experience at a local arts centre

Charlotte Brownhill MCJ

Charlotte Brownhill is a second year BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Journalism student.

"I have really enjoyed the course. I have learnt various ways to research, as well developing a new knowledge on film. I’ve realised how important social media is in journalism in today’s digital world and I’ve even been inspired to write a blog!

In the next few months I’ll be doing a work placement with the Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre in Newport via Film Hub Wales, with whom the University have a good relationship. I’ll be working with the Marketing team on their cinema marketing campaign. I’m looking forward to developing my social media skills and writing press releases.

Work experience will be really useful for my studies and my future career. Experience is now crucial when competing for jobs. - it gives you more of an edge to future employers. It is also a way to boost your confidence and gives you an idea how certain companies work. It will also give me an insight into cinema as well as audience which is great for my studies that include research projects.

After graduation my plans are to start a career in PR and marketing. I would especially like to go into the arts maybe something to do with an art gallery or a cinema."