How to prepare for your Interior Design interview

Interview tips
Interior-Design 2016

Have an interview for BA (Hons) Interior Design? Our handy tips will help you ace your interview.


  • Research the course and attend an Open Day to show that you understand what the course is all about.
  • Bring a portfolio of your work. Even if you don't think the content is relevant to Interior Design, you should include it as we can then see your creativity and drawing skills. 
  • Ask plenty of relevant questions.
  • Prepare to talk about what or who inspires you and why you want to study the subject.
  • Expose yourself to as much design as possible by immersing yourself in relevant journals and programmes.
  • Keep a visual resource book of materials, fittings, furniture and anything that you come across that you find interesting.
  • Document visits to different places, especially the buildings and things that inspire you.
  • Last of all, try to stay calm and let your love of design shine through. Good luck!