Application tip: Offers

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Although you will get lots of help and advice from your school or college, it's helpful to know what happens during the application process and when.

University offers

  • You will start to receive offers via UCAS Track
  • Offers can be conditional or unconditional
  • If you receive a conditional offer, the University will tell you what conditions you have to meet in order for your place to be confirmed – this is usually based on your exam results
  • If the offer is unconditional, it means you have already met the entry criteria and your place is confirmed  We also have a unconditional offer scheme for high achieving students who have submitted an outstanding application and are predicted high grades
  • If the University contacts you for further information e.g. copies of your qualifications, please ensure you respond by the deadline date. Failure to do so could result in your application being withdrawn
  • If you are unsuccessful for a course (rejected), you should try to obtain feedback so you can address this issue in the future

Replying to offers

  • You must reply to your offer(s) via UCAS Track
  • Once you have heard back from all of your choices,  UCAS will give you a deadline by when to make your Firm (first) and Insurance (backup) choice

Firm and insurance choices

  • Your Firm choice should be the University at which you most want to study
  • Your Insurance choice should be a University who has made you a slightly lower offer in case you do not meet the conditions at your Firm choice