There is still time to apply for University

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Missed the deadline to apply to university? If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, there is still time to join us in September.

Your options:

  • Not yet applied via UCAS? Contact our Admissions Team to check that we are still accepting applications for the course (or courses) you are interested in and then apply via UCAS as normal

  • If you have already applied but didn’t receive any offers from the Universities you chose, or if you chose to decline all of the offers you were made, you will have a chance to enter UCAS Extra up until the 4th July. This is another chance for you to apply for one course at a time at universities that still have vacancies

  • If you don’t make the decision to apply to university until after the normal cycle has closed (30th June), contact us to check if we still have vacancies and we'll let you know what you need to do next

  • If you are holding offers but don’t get the grades you need to secure your firm or insurance choices, you will automatically enter a system called Clearing. This allows you to search and apply for courses that still have places

Things to note

If you have been unsuccessful for any of your choices, it may be helpful to find out the reason(s) for this so you can address them before applying for another course.

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