My Interview Experience

Teaching student Rebecca gives her steps to success

Primary_Teaching_City Campus

Rebecca, who's studying teacher training in Newport, shares her experiences of the interview and gives her advice on how to succeed.


1. Why you need to attend

Although you must attend the interview to gain entry onto the course, for me it was very important to attend as it meant I could meet the people teaching the course. It allowed them to see me as a person and potential student instead of just a personal statement and application on a computer screen!

Attending the interview also gave me chance to look around the University again and gave me more perspective on what it would be like to study there.


2. Prepare your answers

I read the itinerary for the day and prepared the answers for questions that  I thought I might be asked. 

I prepared some answers and discussed these with my family and friends before the day. Doing this meant that I had a good idea of how I was going to interact with the academics and then on the day I could adapt my answers to what other people were saying during the discussion.