How to write a personal statement for Teaching

Teaching student Rebecca shares her foolproof tips
Rebecca Prosser Primary Teaching

Newly qualified teacher Rebecca, a graduate of primary teacher training at USW, shares her tips for writing a personal statement for teaching.


1. Don't skip the planning stage

Before writing my personal statement, I spent a few weeks making a bullet point list of why I wanted to be a teacher, the relevant experience I had and why I wanted to apply to particular courses and institutions.


2. Bottle your personality

I then used this list as a starting point for a discussion with a friend and sixth form tutor. Talking out loud really helped to clarify my reasons for applying for teaching as well as my personality and passion, and I 'bottled this' for my personal statement.


3. Spend time getting it right

This one piece of writing is your first and sometimes only chance to make a good impression on the Admissions Tutor, so ensure you get it right. 

Start your personal statement with a bold statement about why you want to be a teacher. Think of that first sentence as a headline - it has to stand out, 


4. Link any relevant experience to the course

If you've done any voluntary work or have any other qualifications or experience related to teaching, make sure you include this and talk about what you learned from it. 

Before my application, I had already done a lot of voluntary work at a local school in different classes and age groups. This definitely helped develop my knowledge and understanding of teaching and I used this in my personal statement. 


5. Be short, sweet and accurate

The character count for a personal statement is quite tight, so be precise and to the point in order to fit in as much about yourself as possible.

Finally, what you write in a personal statement is the start to determining your future at university so make sure you check it, double check it and then get other people to check it for you before submitting it!


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