How to prepare for your Primary Teaching Selection Event

It pays to do your homework!

Scott Hann - Primary Teaching Student

Here are some tips from our Admissions Team that will help you to prepare for your Primary Teaching Selection Event.


  • Get as much practical experience as you can. This can be through voluntary work with children (eg helping out with clubs/sports teams in school or in the community) or through work experience in a school setting. This is the best way to show your enthusiasm and commitment. Not only will it give you a true insight into the real world of teaching but it will also give you plenty of material to talk about in the interview. 
  • Make sure your references are current and still happy to be contacted. 
  • Re-read your application form and personal statement. We will ask you to elaborate on it and so be ready to be able to talk about it in more detail and give examples. Be informed about educational news and current affairs. For example, read the TES and take a look at the 
  • Read the article, think about the main points that the writer is making and reflect upon your views and responses to these points.
  • Plan your individual presentation of how you would teach a new skill to a group of children. Think about how you will explain how you would teach this skill with clear learning objectives, structure, content and assessment.  Be ready to describe how you would engage the learners' interest and how you would use time and resources effectively. 
  • Think about how you can demonstrate a passion for teaching, a passion for learning and  an understanding of some of the factors that can have an impact upon learning. 

Prepare for common questions such as:

  • Why do you want to be a teacher? 
  • Why have you applied for this course? 
  • Why you have chosen specifically to work with pupils of primary school age? 
  • What experience do you have of working with young people? 
  • What do you think are the qualities of a good teacher? Think about how your  skills and attributes match the qualities needed to inspire learners. 
  • What do you know of the roles and responsibilities of a primary school teacher? 
  • What do you understand of the changes that are happening in education in Wales? 

Members of the USW Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Partnership will interview you. During the interview, the panel will be assessing evidence of your ability to develop the following competencies:

  • Appropriate inter-personal skills, including the ability to communicate with a professional and academic audience
  • Appropriate mind-set, values and professional disposition
  • Passion, drive and motivation for teaching
  • Understanding of some or all of the factors that can impact upon learning
  • Understanding of the role of the Welsh language and a commitment to developing/improving your Welsh-language skills.


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