Placement has been hugely important for my career

Aaron is on a year's placement at Street Games
Aaron_Northmore - Sport Studies

Final year Sports Development student Aaron Northmore is on a year’s placement at Street Games Wales. His main focus is to deliver Wales’ first set of Doorstep Sport Club Roadshows. These are designed to provide support for organisations delivering Doorstep Sport Clubs, and share good practice.

"I have loved every minute of my time at Street Games so far! I have enjoyed working with the professionals who deliver our great programmes and who have a true passion for supporting young people. 

It can be very challenging but knowing that your work is providing sporting opportunities to young people is an amazing feeling. 

Undertaking a placement has been hugely important for my career. I have developed a much larger network of contacts and developed a strong understanding of how to meet the needs of participants. It has also provided me with the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge developed through academic studies into practical and positive community work.

Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learnt is to ‘remember why you are doing this and who you are doing it for’.

I am not necessarily doing this for me anymore, I am doing it to support those young people who live in disadvantaged communities and to ensure they have the same opportunities to enjoy sport as anyone else.

Before starting my placement with Street Games I was set on becoming a Sports Development Officer, however I now want a career where I will have the opportunity to create, promote and deliver new initiatives to aid participation in sport and physical activity."