Lucas and Rona

Applying through Clearing
parents clearing story

Lucas, a music graduate tells us how his mum Rona supported him when he applied to university through Clearing.

Choosing a course and university

Lucas: University was the obvious next step to get into my chosen career. I did take a while to decide on a course, which is why I applied through the Clearing process. I want to go into music as it’s a career which offers scope to do different things, so getting a degree would widen my opportunities.

Rona: I would advise that it’s worth going to as many Open Days as you can with your child. It really helps to see where they will be spending their time and get a feel for the place.

Lucas: I’m in a band, so for me it was important I was studying close to home. Luckily Cardiff Campus is easily accessible by train, and the course was well suited to my talents, so it ticked a lot of boxes. It felt really natural and comfortable for me to go to university, especially when I visited Cardiff Campus on an Open Day and realised I would be based in this fantastic building with brilliant facilities.

Rona:  I’m really pleased with the choices Lucas made, and fortunate the university is on our doorstep.

Leaving home

Lucas: I lived at home during my first year, and stayed with friends a lot of the time which made it easier to get in for 9am lectures! I felt like I had been thrown into an adult world in comparison to school. I quickly adapted to a different style of learning, but felt comfortable and took it all in my stride.

Applying to university

Rona: We didn’t know much about the process of applying to university, especially as Lucas decided at a late stage that he wanted to apply for a music course. But once we started going through Clearing we found the university very helpful.

Lucas: They were extremely accommodating and I even had a late interview for the course - going through Clearing didn’t hinder me in any way.

Rona: When Lucas moved into a shared student house for his second year, I was a little concerned about the cost of rent. I spoke to the accommodation team and they told me the average costs of student houses in Cardiff, which put my mind at ease. I think it’s important for parents to be involved in the application process, but it's ultimately down to the individual student. It's important for parents to support them in the choices they make, but it can be useful to offer a parent's perspective when making choices for their future.

Your future career

Lucas: The University has definitely helped my career. Although the music industry is notoriously difficult to get into, the course has helped me build a network of contacts and look at the areas of music I’d like to work on. 

Rona: It’s been a positive experience for us as a family, and I’m happy my child is at a university that suits him.