My job as a primary school teacher

Primary teaching classroom Rebecca Prosser graduate.jpg

Rebecca Prosser from Stroud, Gloucester, graduated from the teacher training degree in July 2016. Whilst studying, she worked with UpBeat to gain a qualification in Welsh as a second language. Rebecca is now a teacher of a Year 2/3 class with 30 children at a school in Gloucester, on a salary of just over £22,000 a year.

My job as a teacher

I plan for the lessons that I teach to ensure I cover all subjects in the National Curriculum. After I have planned them, I teach four lessons a day, as well as guided reading. I mark, assess and track the progress that the children I teach are making. I plan for trips (a trip of 90 children to Cadbury World was certainly a trip to remember!) and I help run a netball club after school for Year 4-Year 6 children.

The part I enjoy most about being a teacher is seeing the faces of the children I teach light up when they achieve something and knowing that I helped them to achieve that.

Teaching is a fantastic profession because you know that every day is going to be different. There will always be something new to teach or a new challenge to keep you on your toes.

About the teacher training degree

Growing up, I knew that I wanted to go into teaching so I chose GCSEs and A-levels that would help me get into university and train to be a teacher.

Whilst the salary and holidays of a teacher were always appealing, the biggest factor was wanting to achieve my ambition. 

Every element of the teaching degree was valuable to the profession that I am in now. The placements gave me a true experience of planning, teaching, assessing and everything that teaching involves.

The lectures gave me knowledge of a wide range of aspects of teaching from analysing data and assessment strategies to safeguarding and supporting children with Special Educational Needs and English as an Additional Language.


Three moments still stand out for me. The first was the opportunity to work with UpBeat was fantastic, being able to work with other organisations was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

The next was a forest school session that we had with one of the academics Linda Davidge-Smith. Having a day in the forest school area to learn how to use the outdoor area in our own teaching was brilliant, toasting marshmallows on the fire that we made was a bonus too and I still have the bow and arrow that we made out of wood.

The final moment has to be graduation! To be able to celebrate my achievement of getting my teaching degree and a job with friends, family and academics was the best experience of my life so far and one that will never be forgotten.

I simply wouldn’t be doing the job I’m doing now if it wasn’t for my teacher training degree at University of South Wales. Anybody that is thinking of being a teacher and has the commitment to the profession should definitely apply to study at USW. It offers so much and is a fantastic place to study."