100% student satisfaction

NSS-HumanBiology 2017

100% of our BSc (Hons) Human Biology students were satisfied with their course (National Student Survey 2017).

The NSS covers all aspects of the undergraduate experience ranging from the quality of teaching, feedback from assessments and the opportunity to develop personal skills to boost future employment prospects.

Dr Tracie McKinney, course leader, said: "We have always worked hard to provide an excellent course, and we’re proud to see that our students are pleased with the results of that effort.

Our RSB- accredited course offers students a flexible approach to the study of human biology, where they may focus on either the biomedical or anthropological dimensions of our species.  Students benefit from cutting-edge laboratory facilities and inspiring lecturers, and have considerable autonomy in their final-year project.  As a result, our graduates are curious, critical thinkers, with a strong foundation in scientific thinking that will serve them well in post-graduate research and in a variety of career paths."