93% student satisfaction

NSS Adult Nursing 2017

93% of our Adult Nursing students were satisfied with their course (National Student Satisfaction Survey 2017).

The survey covers all aspects of the undergraduate experience ranging from the quality of teaching, feedback from assessments and the opportunity to develop personal skills to boost future employment prospects.

Denise Langford, specialist lead for adult nursing, said: "The adult nursing team are very proud of our students. We can see that we have instilled in them the same passion as we have for our own specialities, which range from community nursing to intensive care and everything in-between.

We are very pleased that our students recognise the academic and pastoral support we offer. Students have personal tutors and academic supervisors to help them progress and it is great to see that these relationships are appreciated and reflected in our NSS scores.

As an adult nursing team we have been privileged to work with our students to help them achieve their goal of becoming registered nurses and our relationship doesn’t end there. We encourage our students to maintain contact and many return to further their education as they advance in their nursing careers. We are excited to have been part of the beginning of their journey, and we can’t wait for our new cohort of adult nursing students to start!"