Top tips for your Film Studies interview

USW's Cardiff Campus will be home to Film & TV School Wales

If you’ve applied for our Film Studies degree in Cardiff, you’ll be asked to take part in an interview before we can fully consider your application or make you an offer.

We understand that this might seem a daunting process, but rest assured the interview is just an informal conversation with a friendly member of the Film Studies team. And it’s designed so that you can present yourself, and your interests in film, in the best possible way.

We’re always pleased when students have done some research into our degree, so do find out a little about our history, our staff and our graduates, and the modules we offer. But, over and above everything else, the interview is your opportunity to demonstrate your love and knowledge of film and cinema, and to talk to us about the opportunities you see for yourself working in and around film. Whether you have aspirations relating to research or education, writing or production, distribution, curation or exhibition, come ready to discuss how you’d like to develop yourself at USW.

At the interview, we’re looking for you to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of and interest in film and cinema, and an awareness of current trends and debates in the film industry (these may be around new technologies, audiences or genres, for example)
  • Your personal tastes and interests across film and cinema
  • Your willingness to develop yourself as a film entrepreneur – so are you currently, or looking to start, writing screenplays, making short films or video essays, writing, blogging or podcasting about film? Then tell us.
  • Why you want a career relating to film, and how you think the degree at USW can help you make that happen

Two tips for presenting well at interview:

  • Relax: interviews are a two-way process. You’re evaluating the course just as the course is evaluating you.
  • Show enthusiasm: we love film – that’s why we’re doing this job. Tell us what film means to you; talk to us about any festivals you’ve been to recently; any articles you’ve read. We want to see that you’re not just a film fan, but that you’re actively engaged in film culture.

Find out more about our Film Studies course on @USWfilmstudies