Top tips for your Music Business interview

USW's Cardiff Campus will be home to Film & TV School Wales

If you have applied for our Music Business degree in Cardiff, you will be asked to take part in a one-to-one interview before we can fully consider your application or make you an offer.

The interview is an informal process that is designed to offer you the opportunity to discuss your interests in the Music Industry and explore how these connect with our course. We are keen to hear about your influences and aspirations and welcome any materials that you can bring to share with us on the day.

At the interview, you need to demonstrate:
• An understanding of and interest in the Music Industry, live sector and current affairs.
• The ability to communicate in writing. If you do not already have a suitable piece of writing that relates to the Music Industry, you could consider writing a 250-word article on a topic of your choice. It is important that the written work is well laid out with appropriate images to illustrate the topic being discussed.

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