I am more confident in all aspects of nursing care

Louise Scannell, MSc Advanced-Practice student

"I have thoroughly enjoyed undertaking the MSc Advanced Practice course - although in the first few weeks it was challenging, grasping the concept of working as a collaborative group and setting our own timetable and plans. However, once I settled into the process, it proved to be an enlightening way to learn, allowing me to tailor the course to my own needs as a paediatric nurse.

Having almost completed my masters course, I feel that I now have the theory to support my practice. I am more confident in all aspects of nursing care now that I have the rationale of why I do what I do.

My thought process has altered when dealing with professional issues but in my personal life too. I find myself being a lot more thoughtful, analysing my decisions and justifying my practice.

As I enter the final few months, I am able to reflect on how much I enjoy my Friday sessions on campus. I have learnt so much from the course facilitators and my peers, not only about the role of practice within the NHS but about myself as a practitioner. I am truly going to miss my Friday therapy!" 

Louise Scannell is a Ward Manager for The Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery, based in Morriston Hospital, Swansea.