Students talk about the benefits of the Advanced Practice course

Yorrie Harding, MSc Advanced Practice student

Allows me to express why and what I do
Undertaking the MSc Advanced Practice has allowed me the vocabulary to express why and what I do as a practicing mental health nurse. This has led to enhanced understanding of my practice and the ability to analyse not only my practice but the practice of others, supporting improved outcomes for the individuals that I am working with.
Iorwerth Harding is a Complex Care Nurse within Mental Health for Powys Teaching Health Board (above).

Given me confidence to challenge practice
Taking part in this Advanced Practice MSc has given me confidence to challenge my practice and that of others when standards are not met. Crucially, it encourages me to use a wide range of knowledge and experience when making decisions. I particularly enjoy working as a collaborative group and hearing the challenges other health professionals face.
Rachael Maiden is a Deputy Sister in the medical assessment unit at University Hospital Llandough, Cardiff.

Developed a more masterly, informed approach
I was inspired to do the Masters course by my senior nurse (a graduate of the course) who felt I would benefit from using exploring what I did using theories and applications to practice, as opposed to just what I thought was right. The course has developed my clinical practice within forensic mental health into a more masterly approach, guided by theories and influences I'd not come across before. I have developed an appreciation for the other spheres of nursing that cohort come from, including the challenges they face, and have been able to reciprocate for my role. As a result, I have grown in confidence and abilities, and am sharing my new-found knowledge with those around me, including the new generation of nurses."
Justine Crosby is a Forensic Liaison Practitioner within Mental Health for Cwm Taf University Health Board.

Opened my eyes to a new way of learning
Cooperative inquiry has been a very different concept for me, but it has enabled me to explore new ways and styles of learning. It has allowed me to share my knowledge but also gain knowledge from the other students too. The support from the cooperative inquiry group and the course facilitators has been invaluable, I would find it difficult to study any other way now.
Sue Gibbs is a Band 7 Sister in Critical Care.

Developed me personally and professionally
As a nurse, my professional educational development over many years was very traditional and didactic in nature and something I was accustomed to and comfortable with. I was used to being 'taught', with little emphasis placed on what I was feeling, experiencing or whether I was really developing personally or professionally. The uniqueness of the MSc Advance Practice has enabled me to really deconstruct my practice and critically look at myself internally in relation to how I make the decisions I make and what I draw on to support my actions in practice. Believe me, this is not a comfortable process, nor an easy course to undertake, and in my opinion, requires much more work and effort than the more 'traditional' postgraduate courses on offer. The course is so worthwhile and really makes you think about how and why we do what we do, and believe me, we need that in healthcare.
Angela Downward is the Senior Lead (nursing) for the Critical Care Outreach Service at Nevill Hall Hospital ABUHB Abergavenny, and also does one day a week as Deputy Sister in the Critical Care Unit.

More confident in all aspects of nursing care
Having almost completed my masters course, I feel that I now have the theory to support my practice. I am more confident in all aspects of nursing care now that I have the rationale of why I do what I do. My thought process has altered when dealing with professional issues but in my personal life too. I find myself being a lot more thoughtful, analysing my decisions and justifying my practice.
Louise Scannell is a Ward Manager for The Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery, based in Morriston Hospital, Swansea.