Module: Health Protection and Wellbeing

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Module: Health Protection and Wellbeing
Module leader: Teresa Filiponi

Public Health is a broad discipline that encompasses health improvement, health protection and improving services, the three pillars of public health; as well as health intelligence and academic public health.

Health protection is a term used to describe a long established set of functions that act to protect individuals, groups and population from the impact of infectious diseases, radiation, chemical and environmental hazards.

The profile of Health Protection has increased significantly in recent years demonstrated by the global spread of communicable diseases such as pandemic flu, Zica virus or Ebola virus disease.

National issues such as immunisation, food borne infections, healthcare associated infection and environmental hazards like air pollution or climate change affect directly or indirectly all of and they are regularly being in the public eye.

In this module, offered on the BSc (Hons) Public Health degree, you will be introduced to the key principles of public health protection with reference to common communicable diseases and environmental hazards in the UK.

You will be able apply in practice the principles risk assessment and risk management in relation to communicable and non-communicable diseases and hazards through the immersive learning environment offered by the Hydra Immersive Simulation System (Hydra). Hydra enables the monitoring of real-time leadership and decision making in critical real-life events and it will provide a three-dimensional learning environment that will further help you in the development of the required skills.