If you want to become a frontline police officer, this is the course for you

Liam Noyce Police Science graduate with Leah Ireland, police science student

Liam, a Police Sciences graduate from Tylorstown in the Rhondda, will join South Wales Police as a PC in March. He is seen here with Special Constable Leah Ireland, a second year Police Sciences student. 

Why did you want to join the police?
I've always wanted to become a police officer and help the community I love, catch the people that are breaking the law and ensure that innocent, decent people feel safe within the community. The people are great here and we get a bad reputation at times but the community spirit iin the valleys is second to none. Also I wanted to become the first ever police officer in my family.

How did the course help you get your job?
The Police Science degree helped me to form a good basis and understanding of how the Police Force works. The forensic side of things was very interesting, especially the Crime Scene House where the lecturers staged a murder and we had to collect all the relevant evidence, record and store it correctly. In my opinion, the whole course is great - if you want to become a frontline police officer then this is the course for you.

How did it help prepare you for the realities of the role?
It gave me a thorough understanding of the legislation required to prove an offence, and how to make an effective arrest. I learned all the police powers a Police Constable has at their disposal to calm situations down and keep the Queen's peace.

What are you career ambitions?
My ambition is just to help and really make a difference to people's lives. I would obviously like to be promoted to the rank of inspector, which has always been my ambition, but I would like to see how far I could go with my career and who knows even try to become the Chief Constable one day.