NHS Bursary brought me to Wales - and I love it here

George Cade is in the first year of the adult nursing degree

George Cade is a first-year student on the Adult Nursing course.

"I love USW. The staff really care about the students, and there's a strong atmosphere of support here. On day one of my nursing degree, the course leader told us that her door is always open and she'll always be somebody we can talk to.

The lecturers recognise that nursing is a tough course and make it clear that they're here to support us when we're finding it hard.

Responses to requests for feedback on assignments are consistently quick and helpful. Even while we're out on placement, the lecturers email to ask how we’re doing and if there are any issues.

I don't think that I could have chosen a better university to begin my nursing career.

I'm originally from Wiltshire but moved to south Wales to go to university here. The fact that the NHS bursary remained in Wales when it was scrapped in England was one of the contributing factors in my application.

I am looking forward to working in Wales when I qualify. It's a beautiful country and I think I'll feel more comfortable working in the same environment that I trained.

I've always loved looking after people, so knew I wanted to be in a caring profession. As I didn’t have any care experience before starting the course, my first placement was a bit overwhelming but I noticed how I grew as an individual and as a care giver and I really enjoyed it.

My ward had a good mix of people and ages, and I got so much satisfaction from looking after them and seeing them smile because of something I had done for them."