It gave me the confidence I needed to move forward

Lynda Civil, Palliative Care student

Lynda Civil started her career as an oncology nurse before moving to a community setting where she worked as an Enteral Clinical Nurse Specialist, caring for patients with long-term, often palliative, health conditions.

Now a lecturer in adult nursing, Lynda has just completed the Nature and Scope of Palliative Care module, offered as part of the Postgraduate Certificate in Palliative Care.

"I chose to self-fund the palliative care module because I felt I needed a period of self-development which had no direct bearing on my job at the time.

Whenever I have studied before, I’ve been a full-time student or a nurse so studying could be absorbed into my days off or around a shift pattern.

This time was different. Studying after a day’s work meant I had to prioritise my study.

However, this being a distance learning module meant I could choose a time that was convenient for me.

I made sure I set aside a few weekends to work on the formal 3,000 word essays and found this was usually sufficient to be able to produce a good piece of work.

The literature searches, which form the backbone of any piece of writing, were completed in the evenings, but as nurses, we always have a host of information available to us so collecting supporting information wasn’t difficult.

The tuition was very good and I received great academic support, either by email, face to face or over the telephone - it was always my choice and what fitted in best for me.

Completing the module gave me the confidence I needed to move forward again. I have recently taken up a teaching post and truly believe that completing this first module gave me the confidence to tackle this new challenge."