Studying cetaceans and seabirds in the wild

The perks of studying in Wales and with the University of South Wales based not too far away from some of the most stunning coastlines meant our BSc (Hons) Natural History students could take full advantage when learning about surveying and observational techniques.

First year students travelled to the Pembrokeshire coast to study and observe cetaceans and seabirds in the wild, including over 31,000 puffins on Skomer Island.

Directly linked with the module observational techniques, students were able to experience how to perform observational studies and surveys, why these studies are carried out, and how weather conditions can affect the abundance and activity of the cetaceans and seabirds.

Students were joined by marine biologist Powell Strong. His expertise in cetacean species identification, cetacean biology and observation methods gave students an insight into his role and the importance of marine biologists.