Top tips for your Photojournalism interview...

Cardiff Campus

If you've been invited for an interview for our BA (Hons) Photojournalism course, course leader Andrew Pearsall gives his top tips:

“When you come for an interview with us, we want to know why you have decided to apply for a course in this field. Why Photography? And why Photojournalism in particular? We like to see commitment and a passion for the subject.

We’ll asked you to bring along a portfolio of you work - around 20-30 images. You can bring these on a laptop/tablet or as prints. If you haven’t studied photography before, then perhaps document the working day of someone you know or take some portraits of people or places and write something about them or the place that is interesting. Also bring along any workbook books or journals you may have done to support your work, or an area that you want to document.

We also like to know about any other interests or extra curricula activities you have as they can feed into interesting stories. We’ve had students who have had interests in everything from tap dancing to sport, which has fed into their work on the course.

Finally, we also like to know that you have an interest in the wider world - so being up to date with current affairs and issues is a bonus.”