Five tips for international freshers

Jia Wei Lee - Student Vlogger

Coming to USW? Here five tips from USW vlogger Jia Wei Lee, from Malaysia.

1. My biggest advice to upcoming students is PLEASE don’t just mingle with people from your own country. This is one of the craziest chances to be with the world and that chance is pure gold. Seize every moment. Do something you haven’t done before! Get out of your comfort zone! You will learn so many things you’ve never even dreamed of, and gain so many friendships from all corners of this world - you’ll never feel more connected than anything else on this planet.

2. In practical terms, make sure you do your research before coming here. Get prepared for the weather (it rains!), the cost of living and accommodation options. Read up on the clubs and societies, and nearby towns and cities so you can make the most of it here.

3. Ask people who’ve already been to the UK. Keep an open mind and an open heart and don’t just take in what people say, make sure to judge after experiencing it yourself!

4. Make sure to do your visa as soon as possible. The process can take a long time, and it would be better if it isn’t rushed as a lot of documents have to be processed. I would start at least two months before you plan to arrive. Use the Immigration and International Student Advice Team to help with any visa questions you have.

5. Also, for international students and EU students, the International Welcome Week is a lifesaver! I made the most friends there and my greatest fear of not being able to make any friends disappeared during that week! You get to experience Welsh culture, go on tours to Cardiff, Big Pit mining attraction and local towns with all the other international freshers. They take you grocery shopping, to IKEA and help you get prepared on your UK journey. It is a must-go if you’re coming to USW!