What’s it like to be a mature undergraduate?

Mature student Janette Tedstone_ Creative and Therapeutic Arts student_32040.jpg

Jan Tedstone, 58, used to build boat and bike engines before a work-related disability meant she had to take early retirement.
"Having spent my whole life building and creating, it was a bit of a shock to find myself retired at 53. My daughter could tell I was unhappy, and encouraged me to go back into education.
"I enrolled on the Creative and Therapeutic Arts degree which combined my passion for making art with an interest in therapy.
"Applying to University was surprisingly easy. I went to an Open Day and signed up straight afterwards.
"The most difficult aspects were managing my nerves and shyness, finding my way around campus initially and not having a group to bounce ideas around with. I was used to my team at work and missed them badly. I did not know how to behave in this new world I was in.
"But I soon made good friends - friends in my age group, and friends younger than me and we're still close now. How good is that?

"And once I realised that no one was looking at me and wondering what I was doing there, I felt happy and at home.
"What’s it like to be a mature undergraduate student? I love it to bits. I advise anyone to give it a go, no matter what age you are or how scared you may be. It is a great place to be. Jump in and enjoy. Try to learn new things and stop being an old stick in the mud!
"Listen to everything. Watch everything. Talk to your tutors, ask questions and never forget you are a welcome guest who is valued."

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